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Netflix Android app now officially works on 24 devices

netflix android app on google nexus s HTCNetflix first announced it would roll out an Android app on May 12, and the Android community was overcome with joy. But when the app first hit the market, it was only available on five of the countless Android devices. Since May, Netflix has slowly been adding more and more devices to the compatible list. With last night’s update, the Netflix app more than doubled the compatible devices and is now officially fully functional on 24 devices, a full list provided at the bottom of this article.

A few notable devices on the new list include the Droid 3, Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, and even the Lenovo tablet that was just announced yesterday. We are excited to see that all three of Verizon’s LTE devices are now supported, and can’t wait to see just how quickly movies load on those speed demons.

Some Honeycomb users couldn’t wait any longer for Netflix to work on their device and have resorted to sideloading Netflix onto unsupported devices. Engadget was able to confirm that the app worked fine on both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom, but for some reason it is not working on the Asus Transformer.

Even though the list of devices is growing, it is growing very slowly. The slow roll out is most likely due to Android’s fragmentation of hardware and software. As Netflix figures out the sticking points for each device one by one, some Android users will just be left in the dark while everyone else will be enjoying some movies.  With Android being the most popular mobile OS in the United States we are sure Netflix is doing its best to continue updating its app.

Currently Netflix playback is supported on the following devices:

• Casio G’zOne Commando C771 with Android 2.2

• HTC Droid Incredible

• HTC Droid Incredible 2



• HTC G2

• HTC Thunderbolt

• Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet

• LG Revolution

• Motorola Atrix

• Motorola Droid

• Motorola Droid X

• Motorola Droid X2

• Motorola Droid 2

• Motorola Droid 3

• Samsung Droid Charge

• Samsung Epic 4G

• Samsung Galaxy S

• Samsung Galaxy S 4G

• Samsung Fascinate

• Samsung Nexus S

• Samsung Nexus S 4G

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