New 16GB iPod Touch is yours for $230, but you’ll have to make do without a rear camera

16GB iPod Touch 5th GenApple has surprised everyone by quietly releasing a new version of the fifth-generation iPod Touch, however it has made a few alterations to the spec sheet, which has reduced the amount of, “funness” provided by the music player. The new iPod Touch is a cut-price model and comes with 16GB of internal memory, compared to the 32GB and 64GB fifth-gen Touch already on sale.

That’s fine, as the reduction in storage memory has seen the price drop to $230, which is more manageable than the $300 and $400 price tags attached to the other two players. It also means the step up from a $150 iPod Nano isn’t quite so huge. However, that’s not the only change, as the 16GB iPod Touch doesn’t feature Apple’s 5-megapixel iSight rear camera.

The loop for attaching a brightly colored strap has also been removed, along with the option of purchasing the player in a different color, as the 16GB Touch only comes in steel. The good news is the 4-inch Retina display (just like the iPhone 5), A5 processor and super-slim 6.1mm chassis remain the same, while shedding the camera and loop has seen the weight drop to just 86 grams. It’s not completely camera-less though, as the video call lens still sits above the screen for FaceTime use.

It’s available to buy through the online store right now, at least it is in the U.S., as although it appears on the UK site, there is no price listed or option to buy. If you do decide this is the iPod Touch for you – and if you do, then you may want to take a look at our recommended apps for the iPod Touch – then it’ll ship within 24-hours, but if you want to get one from a retail Apple Store, then you’ll have to wait until May 31.