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Nexus 5 leaks again, this time with hints of cloud backup through Android 4.4 KitKat

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News of a brand new, never-seen-before phone has been leaked onto Reddit, where several pictures of the device join hints of an interesting software feature. Sorry, we didn’t mean never-seen-before did we, as this is all about the Nexus 5, a phone which has been endlessly leaked over the past few months. It’s not just on Reddit the phone has shown up either, as there’s a rumor a Swiss online retailer reckons it will be selling the phone tonight.

Over on Reddit, a user called “ThrowawayNexus5Guy” posted five images supposedly showing the phone, all of which are either incredibly close-up, or suitably blurry. Still, the design fits in with previous sneak peaks of the device, complete with bold Nexus branding on the rear panel, and that over-sized camera lens. While the pictures aren’t particularly inspiring, a few interesting snippets of information turned up in the accompanying thread.

Apparently, the Nexus 5’s version of Android 4.4 KitKat could have a complete cloud backup system, and in addition to presumably keeping photos and phone settings, it’ll also grab saved games, settings for apps, and general app data too. The user also says SMS messages are now contained in Hangouts, and playfully answered a question regarding multiple Moto X-style microphones (for open mic voice control) with nothing but a smiley face. The tease.

We’re still expecting the phone to be announced in the coming days, and German Android website has spotted an advert on a Swiss electronics retailer’s website, saying the Nexus 5 would be available to order from October 31. There’s no price provided, and of course, the advert could be nothing more than a placeholder. After all, we know the Nexus 5 is coming, we just don’t know when.

Let’s hope the Nexus 5 is announced either today or tomorrow, as the surprise has long since been ruined after all these leaks.

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