Nokia 6220 Camera Phone Review

Quote from the review at HardwareZone:

“At first glance, the phone looks like a crossbreed between the 6610 and 7250. Well, to be honest, if you feel that nearly all newly launched Nokia phones of the 6000 and 7000 series look closely identical to one another, you’re not alone.

The unit we have here comes with a black/silver Xpress-On cover, but if this color combination isn’t for you, there’s a selection of Gold, Green and Rose colored Xpress-On covers offered by Nokia for you to mix and match with. The display screen of the 6220 comes in the form of a 128×128, 4,096 color Passive-matrix screen with 11 adjustable levels of brightness. Passive-matrix displays are cheaper to manufacture as compared to the higher-end Active-matrix displays. However, this cheaper form of display has a much sluggish response time and will give a lagging sort of feeling when one is scrolling through the menu subsystem. To top it off, colors produced by this form of display are generally washed out and lacklustre as well. The most advantageous point of using Passive-matrix displays however, is its low costs and low power consumption – which we’ll touch on when we cover the phone’s battery life in a while.”

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