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Nokia Debuts Seven New Mobile Phones

Nokia 6280

The new compact Nokia 6280 slide phone comes with an integrated 2MP digital camera and announces incoming calls with a very unique ring tone; video and audio. The 6280 features a 320×240 pixel 262K color display, a miniSD memory card slot, and is Bluetooth capable. The overall design of the 6280 is very modernistic. There are only 5 buttons on the outside of the phone itself, but once the slider is activated, a full keypad is revealed. For pictures, please click here.

Nokia 6270

The Nokia could be considered the little brother of the 6280. Both phones feature a very similar look and slider interface. The 6270 comes with an integrated 2MP camera and a 320×240 resolution, 262K color screen, just like the 6280. What the 6270 doesn’t have though is built-in Bluetooth, but that’s ok because it does support MP3 and AAC music files. It’s a trade-off you will have to make. There is no mention of a memory card slot on the 6270, but we suspect its there, unless it comes with internal memory. The 6270 is a quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 handset.

Nokia 6111

The Nokia 6111 has the same button configuration as the Nokia 6270 and 6280 phones including a slider design as well. The overall size of the phone is smaller though and sort of resembles an egg with its rounded corners. The 6111 comes with a 1MP digital camera featuring a 6x digital zoom. It also has a 262K color display, but the screen size is considerably smaller measuring in at 128×160 pixels. The Nokia 6111 features Push to Talk functionality and Bluetooth. The GSM 900/1800/1900 Nokia 6111 has an estimated retail price of 270 EUR. Click here to view some pictures.

Nokia 6060

The Nokia 6060 breaks out of the slider mold that the previous phones have, instead opting for a flip phone design. The 6060 should appeal to women who prefer a sheik look. One of the more affordable phones announced today, the dual band GSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900 has an estimated retail price of 140 EUR. Other features include a 64K 128×160 pixel display. Click here to see some pictures.

Nokia 6265

Nokia’s 6265 phone is CDMA based, but don’t let that disappoint you. Nokia is touting the 626 as their most feature-rich CDMA phone yet. The 6265 comes with an integrated 2MP digital camera, a 240×320 pixel display and a compact sliding design. Music fans will love the miniSD expansion slot and support for MP3, AAC and eAAC+ files. The 6265 also comes with integrated Bluetooth and a built-in FM radio tuner.

Nokia 2255 and 2125

Nokia’s 2255 and 2125 phones are also CDMA based and slated to ship towards the end of the year. Both phones feature a 64K color display. The 2255 is more basic and features an integrated FM radio and business applications, while the 2125 comes with an LED flashlight.

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