Lumia 530 leaked, could replace the world’s most popular Windows Phone

Lumia 525 Close

Nokia ignored its Windows Phone hardware during Mobile World Congress, so we’re expecting it to reveal a selection of new Lumia-branded devices in the near future, potentially clearing the decks before Microsoft moves in. A new leak could have revealed one of the possible new releases, and it may be a replacement to the popular Lumia 520.

A tweet from @evleaks, an account where many new devices are leaked prior to announcement, says a Nokia phone codename Rock will eventually launch as the Lumia 530. Although no specifications are included in the tweet, if the model number is correct, it’ll be an affordable Windows Phone device.

The Lumia 520, despite its modest specs, is by far the most used Windows Phone in the world. Data from AdDuplex at the end of last year indicated the little device had taken more than 30 percent of the market. Its nearest competitor was the Lumia 920, with an 8 percent share. This figure didn’t even include the T-Mobile-only Lumia 521 variant either, which took 3 percent of the market on its own.

Nokia needs to get the sequel right, if it wants the high sales to continue. The Lumia 520 has a 4-inch, 480 x 800 pixel resolution screen, a Snapdragon dual-core processor, and a 5-megapixel camera. It’s now a little over a year old, but the recently announced Lumia 525 should keep eager buyers happy until the Lumia 530 hits the shelves.

While the screen size may remain the same on the Lumia 530, a processor and a camera upgrade would make sense, and offer enough incentive for existing owners to upgrade. The phone may also include Windows Phone 8.1, which Microsoft is expected to announce before the end of April. However, it’ll most likely be the price which dictates whether the Lumia 530 will be successful or not.

Nokia hasn’t confirmed the existence of the Lumia 530, or announced an upcoming event at which it may launch. We’ll update you when new information emerges.