Nokia Pulls 3G-less ExpressMusic Phones from U.S. Shelves

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AT&T’s Quickfire isn’t the only phone having launch problems with its phones these days. Nokia’s new ExpressMusic 5800, which it announced in the fall and launched stateside just last week, has been pulled from shelves over quality concerns.

The decision to abort the launch apparently stemmed from major issues with connectivity on AT&T’s network: Early adopters of the phone were unable to tap the phone’s 3G access in many locations were they should have had signal. Though Mobile Review had documented problems with the phone’s speaker following it European release, Nokia has claimed in a letter to the site that issues was corrected prior to the North American release.  

Representatives from Nokia’s flagship stores in New York City and Chicago have confirmed the pull to outlets including BetanewsThe Nokia Blog, but Nokia has not yet issued an official statement. According to PCWorld, the European version of the phone is being offered in some stores as a substitute.