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Nook Tablet: pictures of Barnes & Noble’s attack on Amazon

Barnes & Noble didn’t just unveil the Nook Tablet today: it waged war on Amazon. Unlike any presentation I’ve seen in some time, B&N ripped apart Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, disgracing its design as a ripoff of the BlackBerry PlayBook and criticizing Amazon for locking customers into the Kindle media stores. The harsh words were backed up by a strong showing as well. We found the Nook Tablet to be a fiercely competitive new device, delivering superior performance to the Kindle Fire in a number of ways and still delivering a low price of $250–more expensive than the $200 Kindle Fire, but cheaper than everything else. 

The pictures above highlight some of the slides Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch showed at the event as well as the Nook Simple Touch ($100), Nook Color ($200), and Nook Tablet ($250) in action. Check out our full impressions of the Nook Tablet for more info. 

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