Samsung patents show tablet designs with built-in kickstands and flexible screen

samsung patentWhen the Microsoft Surface tablet was first introduced, while it may not have been the best tablet on the market, it did introduce some cutting edge features. One being the smart cover with integrated touch keyboard; the other was abuilt-in kickstand, negating the need for people to have to go out and buy an extra accessory just to have their tablet stand upright.

Well, according to Patent Bolt, South Korea-based Samsung may be taking a few pointers … or at least one, anyway. It looks like the mobile manufacturer was recently granted patents for two different tablet styles. One of them is a tablet that comes equipped with a built-in stand, while the second would also have a flexible display.

The former, which has been nicknamed “Tablet Computer,” has a handle, not unlike one you would find on a briefcase, along with an attached protective cover. The handle would bend back, while the cover would flip over, creating a pyramid shape.

The latter of the two, dubbed the “Tablet PC,” has a seam that runs across lengthwise, about one quarter of the way from the bottom, and will allow users to bend the screen, which not only would allow the device to stand upright on its own, but the smaller portion may even serve as touch keyboard, giving it more of a laptop vibe.

Of course, it could be years before we even see anything come of either of these – if they’re ever actually manufactured – but it’s an exciting glimpse into the future design of tablets … particularly the flexible model.