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Joshua Pramis

Joshua Pramis

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Spending a childhood engrossed in such technologically inspiring television shows like Voltron, Small Wonder, and Power Rangers, it's really no surprise that all things digital continue to inspire and amaze Joshua. After working as an editor for Travel + Leisure for 7 years, he left to take on the freelance world. And while doesn't look forward to a complete Cylon takeover, he does eagerly await the day he can become half cyborg.

10 iPhone apps you definitely don’t need

There's no doubting there are myriad insanely useful iPhone apps, but in the massive sea of available downloads, there are some strange choices.
blackberry q10 declared an epic fail by wsj press iamge

BlackBerry Q10 ‘hit the ground and died,’ according to WSJ

According to a recent report from Wall Street Journal, sales of the Blackberry Q10 have been unexpectedly low since its release.
thinking about texting a friend thats driving you may be held liable if it results in crash while

Thinking about texting a friend that’s driving? You may be held liable if it results in a crash

A New Jersey appeals court ruling recently revealed that a remote texter can be held liable in the event that their text causes the recipient to crash.
mixbit app review screens

MixBit App Review: From the makers of YouTube comes the newest video-sharing app

The creators of YouTube have released MixBit, the newest social video-sharing app, now available for iPhones and iPod Touches.
flipboard roadtrips

Planning a road trip? Don’t take off without these gadgets

12 iPhone cases that should have never been made

When it comes to strange cellphone cases, the creations made for iPhones over the years trump all others.
android device manager announced blogpost  1

Lose your phone? Android Device Manager will help you find it

Android announced today that it will be releasing its new Device Manager, an app that will allow users to track and find their devices, plus remotely wipe them if need be.
moto x1 tipped to be name of x successor motorola banner 2

It’s here! Moto X officially debuts with customizable Moto Maker site

Details surrounding the highly anticipated Moto X have finally been released, verifying much of the information we've all been guessing for some time now.

The 9 weirdest and strangest cell phones we’ve ever seen

Sometimes, the world of design comes out with some strange creations; these are some of the most unusual cell phones we've come across.
awful ways to charge your phone header

10 technically possible but totally awful ways to charge your phone

Mobile charging has come a long way over the years, but along the way there have been some unusual methods developed to power devices when an outlet isn't available.

Jay-Z’s Samsung ‘exclusive’ album hacked onto HTC device

Jay-Z's new album, Magna Carter Holy Grail, which was supposed to made available to Samsung Galaxy users three days before its release, made its way onto an HTC device.

Intel CEO talks about ramping up mobile efforts, remains cautious on TVs

In an interview with Reuters, Intel's new CEO said that, while the company is still considering going into providing television content, it is shifting its primary focus to mobile chip manufacturing.

Researchers use Wi-Fi signals to see through walls

A professor at MIT developed a way to use modified Wi-Fi signals to see through walls.

British Airways testing out new E Ink luggage tags

A company called Designworks teamed up with British Airways to develop an E-Ink luggage tag that is designed to help baggage reach its destination without fail.

New iPhone dock doubles as smoke and carbon monoxide detector

A new Kickstarter project proposes an iPhone 5 dock that doubles as a top notch smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
Rafael Grossman Google Glass

Doctor uses Google Glass to livestream operation

A surgeon in Maine, and early Google Glass adopter, was the first person to use the device to broadcast a live-streaming video of surgery on a patient.

Apple testing motion detection in iOS 7, but who will use it?

Apple is testing out basic motion detection, potentially introducing head gesture control when it releases iOS 7 later this fall.

Sprint launches new Windows Phones: HTC 8XT and Samsung Ativ S Neo

Today, Sprint announced the summer launch of two new Windows Phone 8 devices, the HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 Zoom bridges the (narrowing) divide between phone and camera

At today's Samsung Premiere 2013 event, the South Korean company finally debuted the much-anticipated Galaxy S4 Zoom. We've got the details here.

Androidly is the first Android-powered smartwatch

Androidly is a new smartwatch that is the first ever to be powered by Android.

Intel CTO hints at smartwatch-like concept in the works

Intel's chief technology officer confirmed that the company is working on a smartwatch-like concept, with a function that emphasizes texting.

Dead battery? NYC introduces solar-powered phone charging stations around the city

Street Charge, free solar powered mobile charging stations, are being introduced throughout pedestrian-heavy parts of New York City.

Sony Xperia Z is coming exclusively to T-Mobile

T-Mobile issued a press release announcing that it will be the exclusive carrier to offer Sony's Xperia Z smartphone in the U.S.

You can already make your Android phone look like iOS 7

Forget texts, send videos instead! Skype enables free unlimited video messaging

Skype announced today that it now allows all users, regardless of premium membership status, to send unlimited video messages to other users, free of charge.

Apple gets transparent, explains how much customer information it revealed to NSA

In the midst of the current NSA privacy controversy, Apple shared how much customer information it released at the request of the government.

New Jay-Z album coming to Samsung Galaxy phones before official release

Jay-Z's new album, Magna Carter Holy Grail, will be available exclusively to 1 million Samsung Galaxy users for free, three days before its official release.

Microsoft offering $100,000 to bring apps to Windows Phone 8

In an attempt to bring more apps to its store, Microsoft is offering $100,000 or more to incentivize developers.

iPhone Mini and iPad Mini 2 may ship in August

Suppliers confirmed that Pegatron has officially landed orders for components that match iPhone and iPad mini specifications.

T-Mobile gears up for phase two of its Uncarrier plans

T-Mobile is getting ready to start Phase 2 of its UNcarrier initiative, which started when it made the decision to stop offering contracts.

Dead battery? Charge your phone using your own body heat

Vodafone is introducing a new method of charging phone batteries: converting body heat into electricity.

HTC may enter the ‘mini’ phone battle against Samsung and Apple [Updated]

As HTC prepares to launch the mini version of its flagship smartphone, the One, its biggest challengers will be the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and iPhone mini.

Hate the neon design of iOS 7? Check out the ‘Jony Ive Redesigns Things’ Tumblr

Apple's iOS 7 design showcases a lot of brightly colored gradient features, giving way for a new Tumblr account poking fun at designer Jony Ive's vision.

Google outbids Facebook to aquire Waze for $1.1 billion

Google finalized a deal to acquire Waze, a six-year-old socially sourced GPS navigation app with 40 million active users.