Hate the neon design of iOS 7? Check out the ‘Jony Ive Redesigns Things’ Tumblr

Jony Ive neon pegasusUnless you’ve been sleeping under a digital rock, you know all about iOS 7 by now. The new OS has a flatter and brighter look that has impressed some people (like us) and disgusted others. 

Sure, there are a ton of new features, but the first thing everyone noticed were the gradients. Gradients, gradients everywhere! Not only are there gradients galore, but they’re neon colored, with a strong emphasis on pastels. It’s like iOS got the Lisa Frank treatment

iOS 7 is the child of famed Apple hardware designer Jony Ive, and it’s made him famous enough to have a Tumblr blog launched in his name. The “Jony Ive Designs Things” Tumblr pokes fun at Ive’s gradients, pastels, and flat aesthetic on a ton of things, from the Instagram icon, to Tetris, to a whole new look for Steve Jobs’ proposed Apple spaceship campus. Someone even shared their idea of Ive’s reimagined vision of poo…which is actually lovely, compared to the real thing. You’d have to drink a lot of glowsticks to crap something this pretty.

One of our favorites is a screenshot of the new home screen juxtaposed against a vibrantly decked out Nicki Minaj. It’s kind of the perfect comparison; iOS 7 is what Minaj would be if she became an operating system. We dare any of you to dispute that.

There are only a handful of photos so far, but they’re hilarious and worth a look.

Challenge: Come up with your own Jony redesigns and share them with us! (And of course, be sure to submit them to the Tumblr page.)