British Airways testing out new E Ink luggage tags


We’ve seen the reinvention of the wheel, and we spend every single day reporting new technologies that improve on things that technically weren’t broken beforehand. This week, a company called Designworks announced a partnership with British Airways that gives a modern twist to something that has essentially remained unchanged since its inception. We’re not talking about the one with your name and address on it, rather the more important one: the tag that tells airline employees where exactly your bag is going to end up. 

The paper tags that are used nowadays serve their purpose, but all it takes is an ink smudge or a tear and bam: your luggage will take a little longer to get to its intended destination. (Truth be told, lost baggage is almost never lost and typically does reach its destination, but we welcome any means to avoid hiccups along the way.) The digital tag not only provides a clearly legible E Ink screen with the flight information and a barcode, but also saves time checking in at the airport. All you’ll have to do is check in electronically via your smartphone and then hold your device over the tag, which will automatically update with all the pertinent info. (We assume there is an accompanying app to help make this possible, though the release didn’t indicate this.) Just scan your bag at the designated bag drop section, make your way through security, and boom! You’re free to swing by the airport bar for a pre-flight cocktail. 

The trial period with B.A. should begin at some point next month. If you end up on a flight with the airline and get the chance to use one of these tags, we’d love to hear about your experience. 

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