Sony Xperia Z is coming exclusively to T-Mobile

Xperia-Z-PurpleCheck out our review of the Sony Xperia Z smartphone.

Late last month we heard Sony CEO Kaz Hirai’s talk at this year’s AllThingsD’s D11 conference, where he confirmed that the Sony Xperia Z was very close to finally making its way to the United States. He revealed that it would be available through a mobile carrier. (Before that, the only way to purchase one was through the company’s website which, of course, means no discount on the phone in exchange for a contract.) 

This morning, T-Mobile issued a press release confirming what Hirai hinted at during his talk. T-Mobile has struck a deal with Sony, making it the only U.S. carrier that will offer the phone. It will be available on the carrier’s Simple Choice Plan, meaning you won’t have to shell out the full $630 cost of the phone all at once; you’ll be able to slowly pay for it over the course of two years, though we don’t yet know how much the down payment or monthly installments will be (likely not more than $100 up front and $20 a month).

T-Mobile hasn’t announced an exact release date, but we’re expecting to see it early next month. It will be available in the black color that we’ve seen photos of, plus there will be a limited supply of purple models when it first drops.

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