You can already make your Android phone look like iOS 7


If you are up-to-date with all the latest news in Apple’s world, then you know all about iOS 7 and what it has to offer. But even if you’re a little iffy on the details of the new operating system, one aspect we’re sure you’re very familiar with at this point is its design. 

Lots of comparisons have been made to the Windows Phone motif, leaving Android feeling like a bit of an outcast … until now. The folks at CNET came across a new theme dubbed, appropriately enough, jbOS 7 (Jelly Bean OS 7). The theme comes with a slew of custom icons that mimic the Jony Ive creations Apple unveiled last week. It works with Nova Launcher, which allows users to replace their home screens, provided their phones are using Android 4.0 or newer. 

Posted to the theme-sharing Web site MyColorScreen and designed someone named “shmogt,” the theme can’t promise to give Android users the full iOS 7 experience — especially since the official, final release won’t even make its way to the public until the fall — but it does do more than just skin the home screen.

“The theme also has a lock screen as well as two additional screens that act as apps,” shmogt said in an email to CNET. “For example, you press the weather icon and it takes you to the weather screen I designed rather than open the weather app.” 

The result is a really slick-looking interface that looks a whole lot like iOS 7, while retaining some of Android’s personality. (Don’t worry diehard Android fanatics; you won’t be completely crossing over into iOS territory if you decide to give it a go.) If you want to try it out, check out the instructional video below, and let us know if you like it.