SanDisk Ultra SDXC Crams in 64 GB for $349.99

sandisk ultra sdxc offers 64 gb for 349 99

It was just last month at CES when Panasonic introduced its first 64 GB SDXC memory cards, opening up a new doorway for fans of high-definition cameras and camcorders. Of course, Panasonic’s suggested retail pricing for those 64 GB cards was $599.95 each. Now comes memory and storage developer SanDisk with its 64 GB Ultra SDCX card, offering the same capacity for just $349.99.

“SDXC is the successor to the popular SDHC card format,” said SanDisk’s director of retail product marketing Susan Park, in a statement. “The 64GB SanDisk Ultra SDXC card delivers the speed and capacity consumers need for extended HD video recording and improved rapid shooting of still images. The card is an ideal complement for recently-announced SDXC-compatible cameras and camcorders.”

Gear compatible with SDXC cards is still wending its way to market, with Canon being the first out the gate with cameras supporting the storage format. The SDXC card format is based on the new SD 3.0 specification, which supports card capacities all the way out to 2 TB.

SanDisk’s Ultra SDXC card supports write speeds of up to 15MB/s; the 64 GB capacity means the card can hold up to eight hours of high-definition video recorded at 9 Mbps.