Siemens new SL56 phone features a “slider”

The SL56 Global System for Mobile communications (GSM(TM)) dual band 850/1900 MHz mobile phone departs from the traditional candy bar and clamshell designs with an exclusive “slider” handset that is eye-catching, small and easy-to-use. With the slider design, users slide open the illuminated keypad to make calls, send basic text messages or compose more animated messages with pictures, sound, and graphics that can be sent using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)*. The 4,096-color display enables easy, vivid communication using features such as color picture messaging and calling images for caller identification. The color screen can also be use to display images taken using an optional clip-on mobile camera, which includes a built-in flash for low-light situations.

“The SL56 mobile phone is a truly unique item, with a form factor never before seen in the mobile phone industry,” said Bernt Klein, senior vice president and general manager of the Mobile Phones unit, North America Region, Siemens Information and Communication Mobile LLC. “Innovative design elements, from the slider cover to the illuminated jewel-like keypad, make the SL56 an elegant mobile phone that easily fits into the palm of your hand. In keeping with our tradition of innovation, this is the first non-candy bar design phone in the world that can be operated without ever having to be opened.”

The high-end SL56 mobile phone has been created for consumers who care about personalization, style and trendy design without sacrificing simplicity, full mobile communication capabilities and entertainment features. The slider design allows users to make and receive calls without opening the phone by using one-touch buttons or voice commands. Siemens’ attention to color is seen in the external design as well as in the applications and user interfaces. The SL56 comes with a ruby or titanium colored case and a translucent colored keypad.

Consumers can access a full range of communication features and technology with the SL56 mobile phone. They can use the phone’s organizer for important dates, appointments and notes. Users can personalize their communications with various logos, screensavers and polyphonic ring tones. Voice capabilities include speakerphone, voice dialing and voice command to quickly access popular features by pressing a button and speaking a command. Fast data transfer and Internet access is possible with General Packet Radio (GPRS) Service Class 8 technology. A Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 1.2.1 browser provides mobile Internet access*.

In addition to its professional capabilities, the SL56 mobile phone features advanced, high-quality entertainment applications. Consumers can play games such as tennis and golf or relax with a streaming media application that offers visual and polyphonic audio slideshows of places such as a rainforest or ocean beach.

Additional Features

The SL56 comes standard with a battery charger and Li-Ion 500 mAh battery that provides up to 2.5 hours* of talk time and 150 hours* of standby time. Product details and accessories include:

— Dimensions — 3.2 X 1.7 X .7 inches (L X W X H)

— Weight — 2.8 ounces

— Wireless Java(TM) technology for business and entertainment


— Built-in data and fax modem

— IrDA interface for transferring contact information, ring tones,

pictures, and more between PDAs, laptops, and other IrDA-enabled


— Silent alert with vibration and light effects

— Numerous optional accessories, including a hands free headset, USB

data cable, and more

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