Siri for iOS 7 is a man! And he can now search Wikipedia or Bing…

iOS 7 Siri

Since iOS is getting a makeover with iOS 7, it’s only right that the voice of iOS gets a bit of a change as well. Apple revealed at WWDC 2013 that Siri, the virtual assistant of iPhone and iPad users, will speak to you in new ways – and with a new sound.

The Siri app has been redesigned to fit into the new look of iOS 7. It now features a continuous audio wave at the bottom of the screen and the results you receive from your voice searches have a flatter, cleaner look.

You can now ask Siri to do for you more things for you, including finding things on Wikipedia or searching through Twitter. Web results are now powered by Bing, so maybe you can ask Siri to have Bing Google something for you. You can also have Siri run commands on your iOS device for you, like adjust screen brightness and modify other settings.

Feeding you the answers for your requests will be the lifelike voice of Siri, which has gotten a makeover. The female voice is still there, though she’s a bit different. If you don’t care for her, you can switch over to a male voice as well. Voices will also be available in other languages, including French and German.

The future for Siri in Apple’s eyes appears to be in the car. In an on-stage demo, Eddy Cue showed off how Siri will allow users to place calls, get directions, and interact with iOS 7 while in their car. 2014 appears to be the year for major iOS and Siri integration in cars, with partnerships in the project including Honda, Ford, Kia, Jaguar, Ferrari, and others.