Sony Ericsson S710 Available At Cingular

The S710’s unique “dual-front” design literally demonstrates its dual purpose. One front of the S710 serves as a digital camera with a photo light and mechanical lens cover allowing users to take print quality pictures and record video clips. The other front has the look, feel and functionality of a wireless phone, as well as a mini organizer, gaming, MP3 and messaging device.

The Sony Ericsson S710 has a new unique 180-degree swivel- open design that easily converts from mobile phone to digital camera.  Sony Ericsson also has introduced a camera interface similar to that included in popular and innovative Sony digital cameras, making it simple to use for capturing life’s spontaneous moments.
In addition to photos and video, this unique dual-front, tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE device also provides fast access to messaging and content downloads such as Music Tone ringtones and interactive 3D gaming. Additionally, MP3 music files can be easily transferred from a PC to the S710. Disc2Phone software (available free at ) makes it easy to transfer songs from your CD collection and load them on the Sony Memory Stick Duo, which is included with the device along with Sony Ericsson dual-stereo headset.

Sony Ericsson S710

The S710 camera features a built-in 8x digital zoom, plus a built-in camera light and night mode option to provide better picture quality in darker environments.  Photos can also be easily uploaded to photo printing websites such as Sony’s ImageStation, sent via Bluetooth to a compatible photo printer or PC, or transferred to PC using the Sony Memory Stick Multi-Slot USB Reader/Writer (included with S710).

Other key features of the S710 include:

     – 3D gaming engine for more realistic play
     – MP3 player for song download/upload and play
     – Easily convert CDs to MP3s with Sony’s Disc2Phone software
     – Expandable memory – 32 Megabyte Sony Memory Stick Duo and adapter
       included, and can support up to 128 MB Sony Memory Stick Duo for
       storage up to 60 songs depending on amount of memory
     – Compose your own tunes with Sony Ericsson’s Music DJ
     – Tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE device that provides fast access to messaging,
       content downloads and interactive online gaming, plus international use
     – Full range of connectivity options, enabling communication of still and
       moving images, text, and sound, as well as access to all relevant
       services and information online

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