The Taptool is a smart accessory for keeping your touchscreen smudge and germ-free

Taptool Kickstarter

Does all wearable technology have to track how far you’ve run, how many calories you’ve burned, or show notifications from your smartphone? Not according to the creator of this Kickstarter project. It’s called the Taptool, and does none of the above. Instead it’s a small, almost comb-like accessory which is worn on the tip of your finger. Why would you want to do so? It’s designed to make using a touchscreen – primarily a tablet screen – easier, cleaner, and more accurate.

TaptoolIt can be worn snugly on the tip of your finger for typing or precision work, or slightly pushed forward if you have long nails or need a better view of the screen. By not touching the display with your actual finger, you’ll minimize smudges and greasy prints, and if you’re something of a germaphobe, you can happily use other people’s devices without reaching for the hand wash. What’s more, it has been made with the help of an orthopedic therapist, so it reduces stress on your fingertip by supporting the joint.

The Taptool is made of a special conductive material, is washable, and can be worn over thin gloves. The plan is to produce the Taptool in several sizes, as it’ll also help the sausage-fingered with accurate touchscreen typing. Despite only having been active for a short time, the campaign has already raised the majority of its modest $10,000 goal. Prices start at just $10, or $17 for an early bird special, while other packages include t-shirts and the option to send a Taptool to a friend.

Is it a piece of wearable technology? Well, not in the modern sense of the phrase, but it’s not a wildly inaccurate statement – in that you wear it to interact with technology. We also think it could be genuinely useful, so take a look at the Kickstarter campaign here.