You can now recharge your phone with the Hammer of Thor

thor mjolnir hammer usb charger

If your father always called you a “vain, greedy, cruel boy,” then you may want to consider purchasing this bite-size Hammer of Thor to keep you company. It’s no substitute for a brother named Loki, and it won’t help you fly or control the nine realms, but the ‘Mjolnir’ hammer packs a power of its own. As in, it holds up to 10,400mAh of juice – enough to power your phone four times over, via USB.

You won’t inflict much damage on your foes with this 13 x 8 x 5cm, 450 gram hammer, but it could up your geek cred among cosplay ladies at the next comic convention you attend. Also, it’s just pretty cool and has some actual aluminum and zinc in its construction. It has enough juice to power an iPad, makes sound effects when you swing it, and has several rows of bright LEDs that light up. According to EverythingUSB, the asking price starts at $125 for the 2600mAh version (still enough to charge a phone). It’s only available in Asia at the moment, but you can find it on eBay and other places.

Here’s the USB charger in action.

thor-usb-hammer-8gbIf you still need more Mjolnir in your life, you can also find a tiny USB hammer for sale in the ‘dark’ recesses of the Web, and also Newegg. It won’t do jack for your self esteem, but it will hold a few gigabytes of data.

Whatever you do, please do not jam these hammers into stone. It’s very difficult to get them out.

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