Tread Wraps Gadgets in Reused Rubber

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If you’re looking for an electronics case that hasn’t been carved out of cow, molded from the same stuff as IV tubing, or that looks like the Velcro wallet you owned when you were seven years old, Better Energy Systems’ Tread line may be the solution. The company expanded its line of recycled rubber gadget cases on Tuesday with a slew of new offerings built from the same rubber that once graced highways as inner tubes.

Tread’s new cases, including the Flippy iphone case, Uni cell phone case, and Campouch digital camera case, all use butyl rubber from inner tubes collected in Quibdó, Columbia, then are crafted by hand in the nearby city of Barranquilla.

BES spins the cases as environmentally friendly due to their recycled nature, but tough as well. Butyl rubber, used to a hard life on the road, can endure temperatures of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, won’t house mold, repels liquids, and resists UV light, according to the company.

The cases range from $25 for the Uni up to $200 for much larger notebook sleeves. They’re available immediately on the company’s Web site and various other online retailers including Amazon.