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Verizon and Motorola jointly announce the Droid Pro and Citrus

droid pro citrus

The phones cover vastly different markets, with the Droid Pro going after business users and the Citrus coming in as an entry level Android smartphone.

Both phones were announced last night by Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha. Motorola claims the Droid Pro is the first Android smartphone to specifically target business users.

The Droid Pro departs from the design of the first Droid and takes on the look and feel of a Blackberry. For Blackberry fans looking for an Android option this is welcome news.

The Droid Pro comes with a fully functional keyboard below its 3.1-inch screen, has a 5-mexapixel camera, global roaming support, 512MB of memory and 2GB of storage (expandable by SD memory card) and a 1 Ghz processor running on Android 2.2. This phone means serious businesses.

In terms of security features, Droid Pro provides VPN and the ability to remote wipe the device.

Remote wipe isn’t completely new to the Android platform, however, no clear standards have been put in place for what makes an Android phone enterprise ready.

Blackberry may have a cushy 31% of the smartphone market, but the fact is that Android is becoming an increasingly popular platform. Blackberry power users looking for the same features on an Android phone may have just found their match.

Looking at Citrus, it comes with a touch screen keyboard and will only be running Android 2.1. Engadget reports is has a 524MHz MSM7525 processor and 3-inch touchscreen. We can only wonder why Motorola chose to put out such a bare bones smartphone.

Citrus does has one thing going for it. It is a relatively “green” phone. It’s made from 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, is certified CarbonFree and is PVC and BFR free.

Motorola says the Droid Pro will be available the first week of November, and the Citrus will be released by the end of 2010.

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