Vonage debuts unlimited international calling to mobile phones

Vonage logo

VoIP operator Vonage is aiming to take back some market share from the likes of Skype, Facetime, and oodles of online messaging, voice, and video services: the company’s new World Premium Unlimited calling plan offers unlimited calling to mobile phones in 42 countries, as well as unlimited calling to landlines in 80 countries. The offerings should expand the company’s appeal to individuals and businesses that have to make heaps of international calls—and are stung by provider fees and international charges, particularly when calling mobile phones.

“People who make international calls to mobiles are frustrated by the huge premiums they pay to their phone company,” said Vonage senior VP of product management Mike Tempora, in a statement. “Customers who use World Premium Unlimited to call as little as one hour a week to mobile phones in countries like Mexico and the UK will save over $400 a year versus the best pay per minute rates from major phone companies.”

Among the countries with unlimited calling to mobiles under the plan are Australia, Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

The World Premium Unlimited plan is available now to U.S. customers for $54.99 a month, plus taxes and fees—and since Vonage operates over your existing home broadband connection, users will still need to pay for that too.

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