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Waldok makes listening easy for iPhone, iPod

When Boston-based designer Hern Kim came up with the idea for the Waldok, his goal was to make listening to your iPod or iPhone at home easier and more flexible. Even if you have a sweet iPod speaker dock, the chances that your music will reach every room without disturbing the neighbors are slim to none. As a solution to this problem, Kim designed the Waldok ($59), a speaker dock that plugs directly into your wall outlet, making it easy to move from one room to another without any fuss or wires. Kim uses the example of coming home from a workout to simply pop your iPod Nano into the Waldok as you shower and cook up dinner instead of having to boot up a computer or speaker system. The design doesn’t skimp on sound specs either, with a large 40mm driver and a “bass chamber” inside the device to act almost like a sub woofer. This may not replace your booming at-home stereo system, but for the kitchen, bathroom, or travel it’s a simple and handy way to keep the tunes from your iPhone or iPod flowing without a pause.

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