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What’s on your phone, Terry Crews? (Hint: It involves his pecs)

whats on your phone terry crews

WOYP Terry Crews player cardAlso known as “The Old Spice Guy” and “The Guy Who Went Toe-To-Toe With Steve Austin In The Expendables,’ Crews stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox, and has a totally ridiculous app you have to see to believe.

Are you really into your phone?

Yes, I am an early adopter. I get every video game that comes out as it comes out. I get every new phone, I’ve got the 5S. I’ve got the iPad Air. My whole house is wired up and I have to make sure that everything works. I’m crazy. I have the flat screens and then I upgraded them. I’m hooked on technology because it’s my business in a lot of ways. Entertainment and technology are unified. It’s really one thing. If you’re not savvy in both of those worlds you’re going to have a problem. I’ve done voiceovers for video games. I have my own app which is the Terry Crews PecPop app. If you go on iTunes right now you can find it.


My app, whatever music you have downloaded into your Android or your iPhone, my pecs will pop to the beat of the music. I just so happen to have it right here. It’s the Terry Crews PecPop Player and it’s playing to the music.

Who came up with this?

I did! I’m such an idiot.

How long did it take to put together?

It took about a year, to do the science behind it. We had to get all of the photography, get all of the filming done. Then you digitize it. You have to make sure it all works. It was a lot of engineers on it. But we got it done just to see if we could get it done. Sometimes you just do stuff just to see if it could happen. I am all about technology.

Which app are you really dependent on?

I have to say, I’m a big Twitter guy. Big time. But I have a Who Say app, which is kind of cool because it allows you to do all your social media at once. [Who Say helps artists keep in touch with fans.] So I can do Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, all of it. I have about six different social media [accounts], but I can interact with them all at the same time. I’m always on that WhoSay app. It’s really important to stay in contact with all your people and all your fans. I have like 1.7 million people on Facebook, and they want material. They want their stuff. You’ve got to feed the machine! So that’s kind of cool.

And I love this House app. I’m a big interior design guy. I love looking at homes, and it’s just interior design. It’s so cool. It just shows you pictures of all these beautiful places and ideas, and it never stops. And I’m that guy.

What’s the most recent app you’ve downloaded?

Hold on, I have to look because I have so many … It could be my Amazon app. And it’s scary, because you can buy anything on Amazon, and it’s at your house. But I can’t do a lot of shopping. Going to the mall isn’t going to happen. First of all, nothing fits me. But you can get those things (on Amazon) that you need to go out and get. Now, because of the popularity of the shows and the movies, it’s hard – just getting in and getting out. This way, everything comes to the house. Once I discovered Amazon and put that on there, I’ve been going non-stop. I like boxes at the house. I want to know the boxes are there.

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