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All Nippon Airways brings you the Star Wars theme like you’ve never heard it before

There are more ways to celebrate Star Wars Day than there are ewoks in Return of the Jedi. All Nippon Airways, however, may have come up with one of the best. The Japanese airline released a video today in celebration of May the Fourth, and it features a creative new arrangement of the Star Wars theme song.

The main title is so iconic that you don’t even have to be a Star Wars fan to know it. Still, you’ve probably never heard it quite like this before. ANA’s arrangement takes the song to new heights — literally. With the help of its staff, the airline has created a version that is unconventional and clever.

The ANA arrangement uses the instruments the airline is best known for: its planes, staff, onboard amenities, and more. Sounds you’d never expect to come together to make music do just that, from the moment when an aircraft is powered up to its wheels screeching as they touch down upon landing. There’s a lot in between as well, including the click of a flight attendant’s high heels, overhead compartments being closed, coffee being poured, and more.

Overall, it’s a pretty solid arrangement. After a strong opening, there is a small lull in the middle before it picks back up again for the end. You likely won’t find yourself wishing you could download it, but it probably wouldn’t make the song’s composer, John Williams, cringe, either.

The video may not have as the star power of Daisy Ridley’s tribute to Star Wars Day, but just the fact that the airline actually honored the fan holiday is pretty cool. Clearly, the Force is strong at All Nippon Airways.

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