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Charlie Sheen trainwreck takes to Twitter


The glorious, cocaine-fueled chaos that is Charlie Sheen has officially joined Twitter. This momentous marriage of modern technology and good ol’ self-destruction occurred on Tuesday, at about 5pm EST. By 5:08pm, the Twitter-verified account had already reached 10,000 followers. An hour later, it had reached 100,000.

This morning, @CharlieSheen is well above 720,000 followers. And that number will probably seem antiquated by the time you read this. Sheen’s custom hashtag, #Tigerblood is the top trending term in the US, at the time of this writing. He has posted 12 tweets since he joined.

One of those tweets, posted at around 1am EST, reads: “My sons’ are fine… My path is now clear… Defeat is not an option..!” That optimistic little number was posted just after police removed Sheen’s twin sons, 2-year-olds Bob and Max, from the porn star-loving actor’s Los Angeles, California, home. So that’s nice.

Not to be confined to a simple 140 characters, Sheen has also been utilizing TwitPic, having posted pictures with three out of his 12 tweets. One picture shows Sheen with porn star Bree Olson, each holding their favorite beverage. Another is of Sheen holding a painting (?) of an Academy Award statue with Sheen’s face on it, which reads “Oscars 2011.” And the last is of Sheen’s arm and hand, adorned with watch and ring.

In case you missed it: Sheen has been in the news constantly since the end of January, when he was hospitalized (for a hernia) after a “wild” 36-hour cocaine binge with five porn stars.

Following that rock star-level debacle, episodes of Sheen’s show, “Two and a Half Men,” were cancelled, leaving the future of the series in limbo, all due to a controversial CBS radio interview during which Sheen made disparaging remarks about the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre.

Since then, Sheen has been on a ranting rampage, having appeared on both “The Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” to further discuss his CBS interview, and his unquenchable hunger for drugs and porn stars.

Now, it appears his rants will continue on Twitter, where the entire world can witness the completely awesome disintegration of a Hollywood legend. Win, Charlie. Just win.

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