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Mysteries of Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ remain, but its runtime has been revealed

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Marvel’s reality-bending sorcerer superhero will be on full display when Doctor Strange hits theaters later this year. When the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch opens, fans can look forward to a solid block of entertainment — Doctor Strange‘s runtime has been revealed, and the movie clocks in at a solid 130 minutes, reports Slash Films.

With the superhero flick opening overseas before it does in the United States, cinemas abroad have been preparing for its release. Australian theater chain Event Cinemas has listed Doctor Strange‘s runtime, sharing the news with those of us who have to wait longer. Australian moviegoers will be able to watch the film starting on Thursday, October 27, while viewers in the U.S. won’t have their chance for another week.

Doctor Strange is also due out earlier in other countries as well, including both the United Kingdom and Russia, where its release dates were recently changed. The film’s opening was bumped forward to Tuesday, October 25, from Friday, October 28, in the U.K., and in Russia, it was pushed up to October 28 from Thursday, November 3.

News of the move in the latter country came with a new photo, tweeted by Marvel Russia on Wednesday. The image is admittedly pretty similar to what we’ve seen before, but getting a fresh look at Doctor Strange (Cumberbatch) and the Sanctum Sanctorum is always exciting.

Новый блокбастер MARVEL #ДокторСтрэндж выйдет в прокат в России 28 октября, а не 3 ноября, как планировалось ранее.

— MARVEL Россия (@MARVELRussia) September 7, 2016

When the film opens, viewers will get an adventure that’s a bit shorter than some of Marvel’s most recent hits. However, considering how many superheroes were packed into Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Age of Ultron — which ran for 147 and 141 minutes, respectively — it is not surprising that Doctor Strange tells its story a little faster.

Doctor Strange opens in the U.S. on Friday, November 4.

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