Put your admiration for Alien where your mouth is with facehugger ski mask

facehugger ski mask screen shot 2016 04 26 at 3 56 14 pm
If there was ever a cult classic film, Alien would be it. Before director Ridley Scott was a household name, there was the film that started it all — the 1979 sci-fi thriller that has withstood the test of time in truly remarkable fashion and spawned an entire franchise over nearly four decades. As it would happen, there’s an entire day dedicated to the movie, and that day happens to be — you guessed it — today. And what better way to celebrate than with a Facehugger Ski Mask?

If you’re interested in (cosmetically) suffering the same fate as most of the cast in the classic film (which is to say, having an alien attach itself to your face so it can then implant an embryo in your stomach), you can now purchase this acrylic ski mask that won’t make you the most inconspicuous bank robber, but will certainly identify you as a superfan.

Because really, you’d have to be a superfan to want a facehugger to adorn any piece of your clothing, let alone one that covers your noggin. In the movie, the creature features long, creepy, human-like fingers and a telltale whipping tail. The often graphic scenes involving the monster, IGN points out, were “intended as a riposte to various scenes of abuse suffered by female horror protagonists at the hands of male monsters,” and boy, are they effective.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep your face warm next winter (sadly, these face masks won’t ship until September), you may want to consider jazzing up your wardrobe with a facehugger ski mask. Who knows, you may just think of it as the very best $30 you’ve ever spent. And in the meantime, celebrate Alien Day by re-watching any one of the five films in the series — and get excited for the 2017 release of Alien: Covenant.


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