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Ghostsbusters moves up, Uncharted gets delayed, and The Dark Tower gets a premiere date

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Sony Pictures announced its upcoming movie slate for projects running through 2019, and the schedule includes quite a few surprises amid all of the release-date shuffling.

Among the movies getting bumped earlier or later in the calendar are Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, which will now premiere July 15, 2016, a week earlier than initially scheduled. Antoine Fuqua’s remake of The Magnificent Seven also moves up in the release-date calendar, and will now hit theaters September 23, 2016, instead of its original January 2017 premiere.

Possibly the biggest scheduling shift involves the long-awaited movie based on the Uncharted game franchise. The film now has a new release date, but unfortunately for fans, it’s getting pushed back more than a full year in the studio’s calendar and will now arrive in theaters June 30, 2017.

Sony’s schedule also confirms several projects that have been in various stages of production, pre-production, or unconfirmed rumor in recent months, with premiere dates assigned for the live-action film based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower (January 13, 2017 – pictured above) as well as a third installment of the Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys 3 (February 17, 2017), and a fourth installment, Bad Boys 4 (July 3, 2019) just shy of two years later.

Other sequels assigned premiere dates include new installments of two long-running, genre-blending, sci-fi horror/action franchises, with Underworld 5 (October 21, 2016) and Resident Evil 6 (January 27, 2017) both on the calendar now.

Interestingly, the studio’s slate also includes a remake of the 1995 family-friendly adventure Jumanji, about a group of kids who discover a board game that changes the world around them with every turn. Robin Williams starred in the original film, which was an adaptation of a 1981 children’s book of the same name authored by Chris Van Allsburg.

The full list of films and their release dates announced by Sony is copied below, but it’s worth noting that the list doesn’t include some projects that were previously announced, such as Dan Brown’s Inferno or the still-untitled Spider-Man solo movie co-produced by Sony and Marvel Studios.

Money Monster – 4/8/16

The Shallows – 6/24/16

Ghostbusters – 7/15/16

Patient Zero – 9/2/16

The Magnificent Seven – 9/23/16

Underworld 5 – 10/21/16

Passengers – 12/21/16

Jumanji – 12/25/16

The Dark Tower – 1/13/17

Resident Evil 6 – 1/27/17

Bad Boys 3 – 2/17/17

Baby Driver – 3/17/17

Barbie – 6/2/17

Uncharted – 6/30/17

The Lamb – 12/8/17

Bad Boys 4 – 7/3/19

More updates on some of the newly announced projects are likely to follow, so keep an eye for additional news.

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