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New trailer for HBO series Vinyl shows Bobby Cannavale at his frenetic best

Following the steady trickle of numerous short teasers, a trailer has finally surfaced for Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s new HBO series, Vinyl. The new drama will debut in 2016, and center around an imagined history of the sex, drug, and rock and roll industry in 1970s New York.

In the new trailer, most of which is set to The Stooges’ I Wanna Be Your Dog, viewers see a record executive (Bobby Cannavale) looking for the next rock and roll sound. He’s the type of New York hustler who believes that the key to success is finding something new and exciting — sometimes in grimy places. The pace of the show appears to match that of the music, with heavy, sometimes brutal, scenes that pair up well with the songs the series will showcase.

One can easily see Scorsese’s fingerprints all over the first looks at the show. The famed director/producer seems to love main characters who are equal parts intelligent and psychotic, with a conquer-the-world bent.

Besides Scorsese and Jagger, Vinyl  is being executive produced by Terence Winter, who has previous experience working with HBO on Boardwalk Empire, and who wrote the screenplay for Scorsese’s smash hit The Wolf of Wall Street.

The debut episode was written by Winter and directed by Scorsese, leaving some big shoes to fill for whatever team follows up with the rest of the 10 episode first season. Then again, with a founding pair so strong, their replacements will likely be very talented.

Even the cast is relatively star studded. Along with Cannavale, the series co-stars Juno Temple, Olivia Wilde, Jagger’s own son James, and — of all people — Ray Romano as a record executive.

As far as the Rolling Stones are concerned, it looks as though there will be very little overlap with their style of music  — with the Stones’ biggest hits appearing to have been made a bit before this heavier, more drug-fueled era.

Either way, it’s probably good to have two high-profile executive producers who lived and worked in the heavy-rock time, and Scorsese and Jagger will probably both bring enough real-life history to the new series to make it extremely compelling.

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