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Everything we know so far about ‘Mayans MC,’ the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ spinoff

Get ready to ride: First 'Mayans MC' teaser fires up 'Sons of Anarchy' spinoff

Mayans M.C. | Season 1: Rosas Teaser | FX

Talk of a Sons of Anarchy spinoff has been around since well before drama series from Kurt Sutter ended in 2014, and FX is set to finally deliver it with Mayans MC. The much-anticpated series is slated to premiere in fall 2018, and in the meantime, we’re soaking in all the information we can. Most recently, FX Networks unveiled the first teaser, taking fans on their maiden ride with the Mayans.

As the next installment in the SoA saga, the show picks up after the events of its predecessor and centers on a charter of a club that we saw function as both a rival and an ally to SAMCRO at different points. However, the story follows a new character, EZ Reyes (JD Pardo), a Mayan MC prospect in the charter whose turf straddles the border between Mexico and California. We’ll follow him as he adjusts from going to “golden boy” in his hometown to outlaw. Fresh out of prison, he’ll work to climb the ranks of the titular motorcycle club.

The series comes from SoA creator Sutter and Elgin James, who executive produced alongside director Norbeto Barba. Fox 21 Television Studios and FX Productions produce.

Read on for everything we know about Mayans MC so far.

The ride begins

FX released the first teaser (shown above) on May 8, introducing Mayans MC with indirect help from the Rolling Stones. A Spanish-language version of the band’s iconic song Paint It Black — called Todo Negro — serves as the soundtrack as members of the motorcycle club roll by. True to the lyrics, the men turn everything black, namely, entire fields of red roses. It makes for a cool aesthetic.

The teaser didn’t reveal the show’s premiere date, but it did narrow the time frame down for fans. FX indicated that Mayans MC debuts this fall. We’re getting closer.

The Sons of Anarchy connection

Mayans MC

Although there has long been talk of a prequel, reports in 2015 indicated that the Sons of Anarchy spinoff would not move backward in time after all. Rather, Mayans MC will take place in what is described as “a post -ax Teller world.” It will also introduce new characters connected to the Mayans in various ways; the cast includes JD Pardo, Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Clayton Cardenas, Richard Cabral, Michael Irby, Raoul Trujillo, Antonio Jaramillo, and Carla Baratta.

Sutter explained to Deadline in 2015 that he preferred not to “set it too close to the world we already know, and step on that.” He and James are instead exploring life for members of an entirely different MC — one that we saw had a history involving drugs, prostitution, and wars against other gangs on Sons of Anarchy. Because of the ties between the two clubs on SoA, there is, in theory, still room for familiar characters to pop up on Mayans MC, so we’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

A false start

The path to the upcoming spinoff hasn’t been totally smooth. Variety reported in July 2017 that the pilot needed to be “completely reshot” after the first attempt. Certain roles were recast, and Barba was brought in to direct the pilot in place of Sutter. Barba also joined Sutter and James as an executive producer on the series. In spite of it all, though, Sutter reassured fans that it wasn’t a bad sign. He noted in a tweet that Sons of Anarchy had gone through a similar process, and it would only improve the show.

This was the process for SOA. Shows Fox/FX's commitment to series. Allows me and Elgin to improve cast, script, and direction! #MayansMC

— kurt sutter (@sutterink) July 5, 2017

Fire it up

After years of talk about a Sons of Anarchy spinoff, fans saw the project gain momentum in late 2015 when word came that Sutter had plans to write the pilot, per Deadline. Progress continued, and in January 2018, FX ordered a 10-episode first season, making season 1 a reality. We’re more than ready to ride come fall.

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