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‘Sons of Anarchy’ spinoff ‘Mayans MC’ gets 10-episode first season on FX

mayans mc
Mayans MC, the next chapter in the highly rated biker saga, will premiere on FX later this year, focusing on a Latino rival gang of SAMCRO. According to Variety, the network has ordered a 10-episode first season set after the events of Sons of Anarchy, which ended four years ago.

The new series stars JD Pardo as EZ Reyes, just out of prison and trying to rise through the ranks of the Mayans MC charter on the California-Mexico border. The nearly all-Latino cast also includes Edward James Olmos, Sarah Bolger, Clayton Cardenas, Richard Cabral, Michael Irby, Raoul Trujillo, Antonio Jaramillo, and Carla Baratta.

“Kurt Sutter is a master storyteller and Mayans MC has the raw energy and intensity that are hallmarks of his signature style,” said Nick Grad of FX in a statement. “Thanks to Kurt, co-creator Elgin James and this amazing cast, Mayans MC builds on the legacy of Sons of Anarchy, taking it in a thrilling new direction that we can’t wait for the world to see.”

Sutter previously revealed that he wanted the show to be able to stand on its own rather than require that viewers binge the entire seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy to catch up (think Better Call Saul).

The series has had a rather turbulent development process. The pilot for Mayans MC was completely reshot last summer, with Norberto Barba taking over directing duties and James stepping into an executive producer and writing role. Several key roles were also recast.

Its Latin flair, and focus on the Mayan outlaws, is precisely why Sutter commissioned the mixed-race James to bring a level of truth to the story. Not only is James an accomplished filmmaker and musician, but he has lived a storied life, residing in orphanages and foster homes, enduring a childhood rife with drugs and alcohol, getting into his own trouble with the law, and even serving some time in prison. In 2009, he worked on his first film, loosely based on his life, called Little Birds, which debuted at Sundance in 2011. That flick helped catapult James onto Variety’s  list of 10 Directors to Watch.

“I didn’t think a white guy from (New) Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions,” joked Sutter. “Elgin is that voice.”

James will be busy working on this script, along with directing A Million Little Pieces and creating a movie based on the life of actress Jean Seberg that was adapted from the Garry McGee biography Breathless. Sutter, meanwhile, also worked on a six-book comic book series called Lucas Stand that debuted in June 2016.

There is no word yet on if the old SAMCRO crew might make cameo appearances. Stay tuned.

Update: Added first-season confirmation and more information from FX.

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