Mila Kunis and Rob Zombie team up for Starz horror comedy series Trapped

A new horror comedy series is coming to Starz, with big names attached. The premium cable network announced Tuesday that Mila Kunis and Rob Zombie will executive produce the upcoming series, Trapped, which is created and written by Arrested Development‘s Joey Slamon. Zombie will also direct.

The show unites an impressive duo. Kunis has starred in films spanning a range of genres, from psychological thriller Black Swan to raunchy comedy Ted. Zombie’s work is even more varied; in addition to being a director, screenwriter, and producer, he’s also been successful as a musician and comic book creator. His work writing and directing horror films (House of 1,000 Corpses, Halloween, and others) is most relevant to the upcoming project, of course.

The series will be comprised of half-hour episodes that will follow the attack of a violent cult one night on a wealthy family’s home — one that presumably keeps the people in the house trapped inside, based on the title. With the series focusing on a relatively limited span of time, it begs the question of how many episodes the show might span. So far, Starz hasn’t shared any information that would allow us to speculate on that.

“We’re excited to work in partnership with Rob Zombie as well as Mila Kunis and her Orchard Farm Productions associates Susan Curtis, Cami Curtis, and Lisa Sterbakov on this horror comedy series,” said Starz Managing Director Carmi Zlotnik in a press release. Kunis’ Orchard Farm Productions associates will also executive produce.

Trapped will follow another horror comedy series on Starz, Ash vs Evil Dead, which is a follow-up to the The Evil Dead, a classic horror film, and is executive produced by the franchise’s original filmmakers, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell. The 10-episode first season of Ash vs Evil Dead will premiere on Oct. 31 (naturally) at 9/8 c.