Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol releases its first trailer

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol

Katie Holmes’ husband returns once again to role of Ethan Hunt, international spy/superhero for the upcoming fourth film in the Mission: Impossible franchise. And with a name like “Ghost Protocol,” you know things are about to get crazy.

The film reteams Tom Cruise and JJ Abrams who both acted as producers on the last film in the series, and the upcoming film seems to be sticking close to the feel of the third. The first film was a spy thriller, with tense scenes and the occasional narrow escape. The second film was Tom Cruise doing a superhero impersonation, as he flicked a lit cigarette in the eye of physics while spinning a motorcycle on the front wheel and casually shooting dozens of bad guys with perfect aim. The third fell somewhere in the middle.

Directed by Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Incredibles) in his first live-action film, Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol takes place after the Kremlin is destroyed by a bomb. Ethan Hunt and his team are blamed for the bombing and officially disavowed as part of a covert plan to find the real bombers. Along the way, cars will be smashed, cities will be partially destroyed, and Cruise’s hair will flutter majestically while swinging between buildings.

The film also stars Academy Award Nominee Jeremy Renner as Brandt, an IMF agent that knows more about Hunt than he lets on. Early rumors had Renner picked as a successor to the franchise if Cruise elects not to accept the next mission. Of course Abrams enjoys playing the odd game of misinformation, so that may have been a plant.

Ving Rames and Simon Pegg return as well, and are joined by Josh Holloway, Tom Wilkinson and Anil Kapoor. Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol is due in theaters on December 16.