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Judge’s Deflategate ruling is a win for NBC almost as much as for Tom Brady

nbc tom brady deflategate madden week 15
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were thrilled to see the four-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback’s suspension nullified by a judge Thursday, but NBC execs may have been just as pleased. With Brady back in the Week 1 starting line-up, the season opener, which will be broadcast on the NBC’s Sunday Night Football broadcast, will be a much more exciting match-up.

Brady’s suspension came after an independent investigation conducted by Ted Wells found that Brady was “generally aware” of equipment tampering during January’s AFC Conference Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. After settlement talks failed, Brady fought the decision, bringing it to the Federal District Court of Manhattan. There, Judge Richard M. Berman ruled that the suspension was void and that the quarterback hadn’t received proper notice from the NFL about the kind of discipline such misconduct might warrant.

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Team owner Robert Kraft maintained in a statement Thursday that there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Brady, adding that “the lawyers at the league still insisted on imposing and defending unwarranted and unprecedented discipline. Judge Richard Berman understood this and we are greatly appreciative of his thoughtful decision that was delivered today.”

The league has already appealed the judgment, according to the NFL, but it will not attempt to prevent Brady from joining his team against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Sept. 10 opener. This is great news for NBC considering that the match-up was previously going to feature second-year quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo under center for the Patriots. For fans, seeing a controversial figure like Brady take the field Thursday will offer a more intriguing storyline than watching his back-up make his first NFL start against a strong conference rival.

For NBC, a photo posted on the Patriots’ official Twitter after the judge’s ruling came down seems to say it all.

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10,000 Google Cardboard headsets handed out to fans during the Patriots’ practice
nbc tom brady deflategate madden week 15

Google is teaming up with the New England Patriots to give fans a virtual spot on the playing field. Bank of America and Visa announced that they're giving away 10,000 Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, ahead of the Patriots-Eagles game. Fans are taken, virtually, from the training facility to the gridiron, where they get a look at what goes on during training day, giving them a chance to "Travel Inside the Game." The headsets were first made available during the Patriots' FanZone pregame activities.

This experience is built on the Strivr VR training platform, reports TechCrunch. This tech from Strivr Labs in Silicon Valley has been a popular training tools for numerous NFL teams, including the Patriots, Cowboys, Jets, Vikings, and 49ers. Earlier this year, the Wizards, along with the Caps and Mystics, became respectively the first NBA, NHL, and WNBA teams to sign partnerships with Strivr. The VR startup is working on bringing the technology to additional teams and sports.

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Deflategate, Marshawn Lynch, and more will highlight The League’s final season
the league season 7 deflategat

Art will continue to imitate life in the upcoming final series of FXX's (formerly on FX) The League. As the fantasy football-centric series has done over the past six seasons, season 7 will incorporate real-life NFL controversy, from concussions to the Seahawks' surprising final Super Bowl play, to the infamous Deflategate.

"The NFL keeps giving us such great material," said Jackie Schaffer, series co-creator, while discussing what fans can expect in the final season during Friday's TCA summer press tour panel. Jackie's husband and co-creator Jeff Schaffer confirmed that Deflategate will be the focus of an episode. However, with a lawsuit challenging Tom Brady's four-game suspension for allegedly being part of an effort to deliberately underinflate footballs last season, the show had to film alternate scenarios in case anything changes.

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Deflategate inspires Breaking Bad spoof showing Tom Brady destroying his cell phone
nbc tom brady deflategate madden week 15

The Deflategate controversy just won't end, even after New England Patriot Tom Brady's four-game suspension was upheld. If anything, the NFL's recent decision added fuel to the fire, especially after the league alleged that the Super Bowl-winning quarterback had ordered that his cell phone be destroyed rather than turn it over. The announcement was met with what you'd expect of any big (and somewhat ridiculous) news: priceless Internet memes.

Grantland created a parody that we find particularly entertaining and comical, in large part because it manages to brilliantly tie the scandal in with an excellent TV show: Breaking Bad. The video is billed as "surveillance footage of Tom Brady destroying his cell phone in the wake of Deflategate" before Grantland admits, "OK, fine, not really." In actuality, it uses a clip from the show and edits the heads of Brady, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell onto the bodies of Breaking Bad characters.

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