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Netflix’s ‘3%’ trailer features a dystopian future to rival ‘The Hunger Games’

A dystopian future with a brutal competition worked in The Hunger Games, and it may work for Netflix, too. The streamer has dropped the official trailer for 3%, an upcoming Brazilian thriller series.

The show is set in a post-apocalyptic future that is split between progress and devastation. While life in Inland looks brutal, Offshore teases the prospect of a perfect life. For most, though, Offshore is out of reach.

The trailer shows what determines whether someone can move to Offshore: a thorough selection called The Process. Everyone in Inland is able to partake, but only 3 percent (hence the title) pass through. There are a variety of tasks, and while they themselves don’t look dangerous, The Process seems to bring out the worst in some.

With such high stakes, The Process quickly becomes cutthroat. As we see in the preview, some of the participants start to take a brutal approach, whether that means sabotaging others’ chances or actually getting violent with them. It seems we’ll see the dark side of human nature.

Fortunately, the participants aren’t all completely mercenary. The trailer shows one young man, who is in a wheelchair, getting support from another. We’ll see bonds form, even though everyone is clearly desperate for the prize on the other side.

Hailing from Brazil, the series is one of Netflix’s few non-English-speaking original series — at least at the moment. The series is a reboot of Pedro Aguilera’s web series of the same name, which premiered in 2011. He wrote the Netflix version as well, which is produced by Cesar Charlone (City of God). The 3% cast includes Bianca Compararto, Joao Miguel, Zeze Motta, and more.

The Process begins when eight episodes of 3% hit Netflix on November 25.

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