Tron Legacy DVD & blu-ray to feature Tron 3 teasers

Although a Tron: Legacy sequel has not yet received an official go ahead, it seems more and more inevitable that a third Tron film is going to soon become a reality. Another indication of this will be seen on the DVD and blu-ray release of Tron: Legacy, which will include possible teasers for the next installment.

According to Aint it Cool News, the release will feature three short clips that will act as a teasers for the next film. The clips were shot before Thanksgiving of last year before the movie was released.

The first clip features Alan Brady (Bruce Boxleitner) and the human version of the character RAM from the first film (played by Dan Shor). Alan confronts “RAM”, after discovering that he is responsible for the “Flynn Lives” campaign. RAM is seen frantically deleting information and destroying all connection of the campaign, and the character seems to have formed an intensely loyal bond with Kevin Flynn.

The second clip features Quorra (Olivia Wilde) being accosted by press at ENCOM when they see her riding Sam’s motorcycle. She then causes an uproar after stating that she just spoke with Kevin Flynn yesterday.

The third scene was a series of text messages between the Dillingers (although not present on camera, played in the films by David Warner and Cillian Murphy). The texts ominously claim that everything is going as planned.

The article also featured a series of photos showing RAM’s office, but they have since been removed.

So the let the Tron 3 rumors continue to fly! Tron: Legacy has earned over $333 million worldwide, and the home sales should give that figure a huge bump. Perhaps more importantly though, the film is still doing decently at the box office, and remains in the top 10 movies per week, although it may fall out after this weekend.