Rachel McAdams is good with a knife in Season 2 trailer for True Detective

The second season of True Detective premieres just over a month from now, and HBO is keeping the conversation around the award-winning show going with a new trailer teasing the major players in the series’ next story arc.

Moving the drama from Louisiana to California, the second season of True Detective features yet another all-star cast as three police officers and a criminal find themselves caught up in a web of conspiracy after a murder puts their lives and careers on a collision course.

Phone Booth and In Bruges actor Colin Farrell plays a detective struggling between his loyalties to the police department and the mobsters who pad his wallet, while Sherlock Holmes and The Notebook actress Rachel McAdams plays a detective whose ideals put her on the wrong side of both her colleagues and the criminals. The series also features Wedding Crashers and Swingers actor Vince Vaughn as a career criminal whose efforts to go straight get sidetracked by a murder, and John Carter and Battleship actor Taylor Kitsch as a California Highway Patrol officer and former soldier whose discovery of a crime scene brings him into the fray.

The new trailer offers up some indications of how the main characters’ lives will intersect, as well as showing off some serious — and intimidating — knife-fighting skills from McAdams.

Written once again by Nic Pizzolatto, True Detective will feature multiple directors for its second season. Fast Five and Fast & Furious 6 filmmaker Justin Lin will direct the first two episodes of the series, with Danish filmmaker Janus Metz Pedersen (Armadillo) then getting behind the camera for the third episode.

Cary Fukunaga, the first season’s celebrated director, will serve as an executive producer for the second season.

The new season of True Detective premieres June 21 on HBO.