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Biden campaign partners with celebrities to raise funds on Cameo video platform

Move over Animal Crossing. Cameo is the next digital partner for Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Cameo, a video platform where users can pay for personalized messages from their favorite celebrities, is partnering with the Biden campaign on a new fundraising event. Celebrities including Mandy Moore, Titus Burgess, Andy Cohen, Dulé Hill, and more will use the video-sharing app to raise funds for the campaign, although the exact percentage has not been released. Celebrities who are fundraising for the Biden campaign will have a Biden for President logo displayed on their account pages, although users do not have to choose a Biden-related video message.

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“This partnership is a prime example of how this year may have upended the election cycle, but it also presented new opportunities to broaden our digital reach and tap into the groundswell of grassroots support we are seeing for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” said Christian Tom, the director of digital partnerships for the Biden campaign. “We are grateful for the roster of renowned talent and champions of our campaign who are kicking off this partnership, expanding our grassroots footprint, and pushing the battle for the soul of our nation forward.”

While this isn’t the first time the Biden campaign has made a significant outreach to a digital audience, it definitely won’t be the last. Just last week, vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris made her own cameo on the Verzuz Instagram Live battle between R&B singers Brandy and Monica, an event that drew over 1.2 million viewers. In addition to the Biden yard signs now available on Animal Crossing, the campaign is continuing to push for a larger digital presence, with initiatives spanning all platforms.

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