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Ghost of Tsushima is getting free multiplayer content

Ghost of Tsushima is getting a multiplayer expansion later this year entitled Legends, which will offer two-player cooperative story missions and four-player cooperative wave encounters. This content update will be free to anyone who owns the base game.

The title Legends refers to the playable characters in the expansion, none of which are Jin, the hero of the main game. These four samurai come from mythic stories told across the island of Tsushima and will take place in a haunting and fantastical world, one filled with enemies inspired by Japanese folk tales, compared to the realistic map and human foes in the campaign.

There will be four classes to choose from: Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin, and while we don’t currently have any info on the differences between these classes, it seems like each of these will be a singular, focused iteration of the different play styles that were available to Jin.

The two-player co-op story missions will feature levels escalating in difficulty, and will expand on the gameplay featured in the main game by providing players with new, mystical abilities. With a focus on multiplayer, some of these skills will require the players to be in sync to execute them, with these attacks providing devastating results against those on the receiving end of them.

The four-player co-op survival missions will pit a quartet of warriors against waves of enemies, including the new Oni opponent. In Japanese folklore, Oni are a troll-like subset of yōkai, demonic creatures with supernatural abilities, featured prominently in another Japanese folklore-inspired gaming series Nioh.

Sometime after the launch of Legends, players will be able to attempt a raid that takes them to a new realm to face even tougher opponents and a brutal new enemy.

While Ghost of Tsushima teased elements of the supernatural and had its own mythic tales that pushed reality to its limits, at no point does the game steer away from its grounded world completely. Legends will provide an other-worldly flavor that mixes with the design and combat of the main game extremely well, all while keeping it separate from the single-player experience.

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