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Innovative Eva all-foam snowshoes launch via Kickstarter

crescent moon eva foam snowshoes header
Since its inception in 1997, Crescent Moon has been on the cutting edge of snowshoe technology, designing shoes that feel like an extension of your feet. The Colorado-based company is pushing the boundaries again with its new Eva All-Foam Snowshoes, a new style that the company claims will make snowshoeing better for everyone.

Crescent Moon’s Eva All-Foam snowshoe is designed to look and feel like a running shoe that travels on the snow. Because it is made of foam, the snowshoe is extremely light — lighter than any competing molded plastic or aluminum rail snowshoes on the market. The snowshoe has two distinct foam layers — a soft upper layer that moves with your foot and solid bottom layer with a specialized spike plate for traction in the snow.

The Eva All-Foam snowshoe has a unique rocker shape that flexes with your foot as you step. This innovative design allowed Crescent Moon to produce a snowshoe that does not have the standard foot plate and the rotational hinge that accommodates your foot. Because of the flexibility of the foam construction, the Eva All-Foam snowshoe moves naturally with every step, giving you the feel of a running shoe instead of a snowshoe.

Crescent Moon is known in the snowshoe community for its one-of-a-kind binding system that is easy to put on and take off in the field. The new Eva All-Foam snowshoe carries on this tradition with an intuitive binding system that uses adjustable Velcro straps. Users can simply slide their foot into the binding, pull the Velcro straps tight, and be on their way in a just a few minutes.

Introduced earlier this year at Outdoor Retailer trade show, the Eva All-Foam snowshoe is now available for the public to purchase. The company is using Kickstarter to fund the production of the snowshoe over the summer months. Pricing for the snowshoe starts at $160 which is on par with existing molded plastic and aluminum rail models from competitors such as MSR and Tubbs. Crescent Moon expects to begin shipping the Eva All-Foam snowshoe starting in September 2017.

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