Budweiser’s holiday gift to designated drivers? A Twitter-driven knitting machine

Budweiser has launched an unusual social media campaign in the U.K. celebrating designated drivers. The beer company built a “Knitbot” – a knitting machine that responds to social media prompts – and is encouraging fans to tweet a special hashtag to make the machine knit more sweaters. 

Budweiser fans who tweet #jumpers4des activate a chip on the Knitbot, causing it to knit red-and-white Christmas sweaters (or “jumpers” in the parlance of our British friends) with images of snowflakes and Budweiser’s signature Clydesdale horses, and the words “Merry Christmas, celebrate responsibly.” The Knitbot increases production based on how many Twitter prompts it receives, so the amount of sweaters produced depends on the number of tweets. Budweiser is promoting the contest on its Twitter page: 

To acquire one of these cozy monstrosities, fans can head over to the Budweiser U.K. Facebook page and enter to win one. The contest runs through December 6, just in time for holiday bar-hopping and designated driver assignments. 

Unfortunately, this campaign is only for Budweiser fans in the U.K., so North American Budweiser enthusiasts will have to give designated driver friends inferior beer-brand sweaters this holiday season.