Canon Launches Three PowerShot Cameras

Canon has taken the wraps off three new PowerShot digital cameras: the PowerShot S95, PowerShot SD4500 IS, and PowerShot SX130 IS. The cameras aim to appeal to different segments of the consumer camera marketing, bringing a range of power, flexibility, and portability along with high-definition video capture and improved low-light shooting.

“Image quality consistently remains a top priority at Canon and with each generation of PowerShot cameras, we look to build the features and technology that will best improve a customer’s experience with our cameras,” said Canon U.S.A. Consumer Imaging Group executive VP and general manager Yuichi Ishizuka, in a statement.

All three new PowerShots have the ability to shoot high-definition video, complete with a new “Miniature Effects” movie mode that shows large objects with tiny proportions—Canon touts the feature as a “creative way to play back video.”

canon launches three powershot cameras s95

The PowerShot S95 sports a 10 megapixel resolution, 3-inch display, tracking autofocus (plus face detection), 720p video capture, and a 3.8× optical zoom. The S95 also features Canon’s Hybrid IS image stabilization technology to prevent blur from camera motion and shaking, and sports an in-camera high dynamic range (HDR) scene mode to capture scenes that have both intense darks and intense lights. The S95 can also save RAW images, and features a manual control ring on the front of the camera, giving more control to advanced shooters. Canon says the S95 should be available late this month for a suggested price of $399.99.

canon launches three powershot cameras sd4500 is

Next up, the PowerShot SD4500 IS sports a 10× optical zoom with optical image stabilization for those tight zooms and distance shots, as well as the ability to capture 1080p video capture. The SD4500 IS offers a 10 megapixel resolution, auto scene selection, autofocus with face detection, and a 3-inch LCD display. The SD4500 also features a dynamic image stabilization more to stabilize video capture while the photographer is moving; the camera can also shoot up to 240 frames per second for a slow-motion mode, and features a high-speed burst mode of up to 8.4 fps for action photography. Canon expects the camera to ship in early September for a suggested price of $349.99.

canon launches three powershot cameras sx130 is

Finally, the PowerShot SX130 IS sports a telephoto lens with a 12× optical zoom and 720p video capture capability, along with four creative modes—Miniature, Fisheye, Poster, and Super Vivid—designed to make photographer more fun. The SX130 offers a 12.1 megapixel resolution, smart auto modes, face and blink detection, and ISO sensitivity down to 1600. Canon expects the camera will be available in late August for an estimated price of $249.99.