Concord Eye-Q Go Wireless Camera Review

Quote from the review at Designtechnica:

“As far as 2.0 Megapixel cameras go, the Concord Eye-Q Go Wireless was average at best. Its ability to transfer images over Bluetooth, while a nice novelty, served no great purpose unless you have a cellular phone or PDA which is Bluetooth-enabled. In this circumstance, it holds higher value in that it saves you the step of cutting out the computer as the middleman while you are shuffling JPEGs from machine to machine.

Other things also distract from the Concord’s ability to be a high quality camera. The body, as mentioned before, doesn’t feel that solid and the picture quality is not that stellar.

On the bright side, the camera does come with some great accessories, including all the wires you will need, a Bluetooth USB transmitter and a high quality owners guide, which provides very easy to follow instructions and should answer most questions. Also, the ability to act as a Web camera, while a novelty like the Bluetooth feature, is a nice touch.

Overall, the Concord Eye-Q Go Wireless will make for a decent “throw in your pocket and go” camera, especially for those with portable devices such as phones or PDAs that can take advantage of its Bluetooth wireless connectivity.”

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