DVD Camcorders Stick With Current Formats

In addition, the RDVDC announced that market research conducted by TSR show that DVD camcorders are one of the fastest growing segments of the entire recordable DVD market, and that sales of consumer DVD recorders, writers (PC drives/burners) and camcorders have more than doubled in size over the past year. 

The TSR studies indicate that consumers have begun to embrace recordable DVD and move beyond simple Set-Top-Box (STB) recorders to embrace a whole range of recordable DVD products.  As further proof of this, most of the more than 80 member companies of the RDVDC announced new recordable DVD products at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Among the new announcements was the launch of fifth generation DVD camcorders by Hitachi, Ltd. and Panasonic Consumer Electronic Company.  These new camcorders are more versatile and easier to use and are the first of their kind to use the new 8cm DVD-RAM bare discs as opposed to discs that require the use of a cartridge.  The new 8cm DVD-RAM bare discs will be available from Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. and Panasonic.  

“RDVDC-promoted formats dominate the U.S. and worldwide DVD camcorder markets,” said Mr. Takayuki Maruhashi of Techno Systems Research.  “+RW or +R camcorders are not available anywhere.”

In related news, the RDVDC announced that its Compatibility Working Group (CWG) released details on the progress of the world’s largest joint recordable DVD industry compatibility test.  The test was conducted in conjunction with the RW Product Promotion Initiative (RWPPI), another industry trade organization. 133 products from 52 companies have been tested thus far.  The purpose of the tests is to ensure the widest and highest degree of compatibility between 3X DVD-RAM, 4X DVD-R and 2X DVD-RW products. Both organizations have embarked upon even higher speed compatibility testing. For example, CWG has started 5X DVD-RAM compatibility testing, the results of which will be reported in early March 2005.

“These tests are essential to ensure compatibility among the widest variety of products at various levels to meet consumer expectations,” said Tony Jasionowski, director RDVDC North America.  “Consumers shouldn’t have to worry about which formats they buy when they buy a DVD recorder, these tests ensure that they won’t have to give it a thought.”

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