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Hasselblad’s 100-megapixel H6D-100c now available as a stand-alone digital back

Until now, photographers who’ve wanted to get their hands on Hasselblad’s 100-megapixel monster, the H6D-100c, have had to do so in the form of a kit that included both the medium-format camera body, as well as the digital back.

No longer is that the case. You can now pick up the H6D-100c as only a digital back — but don’t expect it to be much cheaper.

To refresh your memory, the H6D-100c Digital Back is built around a 100-megapixel 53.4 × 40.0mm CMOS sensor. The sensor features 15 stops of dynamic range and uses Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution in conjunction with 16-bit color data to capture the greatest amount of detail possible.

In addition to 100-megapixels still photographs, the H6D-100c Digital Back captures 4K video In Hassleblad’s proprietary RAW video format. This footage can then be converted to Adobe’s Cinema DNG format in Hassleblad’s Phocus software, where it can then be exported for use in more standardized editing programs.

On the rear of the digital back is a 3-inch, 920K-dot touchscreen that works as both a means to navigate the menu system, as well as view photos captured and stored on the device.

Photos and videos captured with the H6D-100c Digital Back are stored on either CFast or SD cards, both of which have dedicated slots onboard. If you prefer to shoot tethered or have an extra monitor on hand, there’s also a USB 3 type-C connection, as well as a 1080p HDMI out.

The H6D-100c Digital Back also works alongside Hasselblad’s Phocus app. This iOS-exclusive effectively works as a remote control for the digital back, but has to be connected to a host computer running MacOS or Windows. When connected, it gives full control over the creative controls of the camera and also lets you sort through and rate images captured and stored on the device.

The benefit of offering it as a standalone purchase is that it can be used alongside a slew of other camera systems, ranging from other Hasselblad bodies to custom large-format cameras.

Despite the decoupling of the H6D-100c Digital Back and its main body, it doesn’t exactly make it cheap. The 100-megapixel digital back retails for $26,500 in the United States.

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