JVC to Release 3CCD HDD Video Camera

“The HDD video camera features a CCD solid-state image pickup sensor (CCD sensor) dedicated to each of the red, green and blue colors. This will be Victor’s first so-called 3CCD compact video camera aimed at general consumers. The camera can also take an approximately 5 megapixel still picture using the same three CCD sensors. The company positions the GZ-MC500 as an upper end model of the GZ-MC100 and GZ-MC200 Everio series released in November 2004.

Pricing is open, but street pricing is expected to be around Â¥170,000. The video camera will use the 4GB 1-inch CompactFlash Microdrive HDD for storage. In the highest resolution mode, 720 x 480 pixels at an encoding data rate of about 9Mbps, the product can record approximately 60 minutes of video onto a 4GB HDD.”

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Found VIA NEAsia Online