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Lytro Photo Adventure to send 5 winners to Iceland for exclusive shoot

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Winners of the Lytro Photo Adventure will travel to Iceland and work alongside adventure photographer Chris Burkard. (Credit: Chris Burkard)
As part of the launch for its new high-end Illum light-field camera, Lytro is putting on the Lytro Photo Adventure, a photography contest that will send its grand prize winners to Iceland, a country known for its beautiful landscapes. In addition to an all-expenses-paid trip to Iceland, the five winners will get the chance to meet with Chris Burkard, a widely acclaimed adventure shooter, to participate in an exclusive photo shoot, using their new Illums, naturally.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for creative pioneers to shoot in one of the most beautiful places on the planet alongside one of the most prominent photographers in the world,” said Lytro’s VP of Marketing, Azmat Ali. “In exploring the different ways to inspire creative use of light field technology in everyday photography, we identified this contest as the perfect way to celebrate the early adopters that will shape the future of photography.”

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Eligibility for the Lytro Photo Adventure, which is only open to U.S. photographers, can be obtained by pre-ordering a Lytro Illum and submitting an idea for a photo shoot. According to Lytro, photographers looking to enter the contest must:

  • Pre-order the Illum camera directly from Lytro before July 31, 2014.
  • Upload three original images that demonstrate how the photographer plans to tell a unique visual story leveraging Lytro Illum’s refocus ability. All three images must be of the same visual scene, captured from the same angle, with the same exposure and lighting, but the focus should be distinctly different in each image.

Winners will be selected based on their creativity and originality, and how they use shifting focal points in their images. (View the complete list of rules and judging criteria here.)

Grand prize winners will visit Iceland at a time to be announced later; additionally, 20 first-place winners will be selected to receive an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the Medium Festival of Photography in San Diego, Calif., this October.

Burkard, who serves as the senior staff photographer for Surfer Magazine, is already looking forward to the Iceland photo shoot. “I have shot Iceland many times, but never in the way that Lytro Illum will allow me to,” he said. “I cannot wait to experience this new photographic canvas with other photographers and capture the beauty of Iceland in its purest form.”

You can learn more about Burkard, including the photography he has done in Iceland, in our our recent interview with him.

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