Samsung’s latest Galaxy Camera gets faster processor, Android Jellybean, lighter body

Samsung’s Android-packing Galaxy Camera – the smart camera that launched this category for Samsung – is also getting a significant upgrade with the Galaxy Camera 2. Like the NX30, though, the updates have less to do with better images than they do with, well, just about everything else.

For starters, the Galaxy Camera 2 weighs 260 grams to the original’s 303 grams, while packing a 2,000mAh battery that’s a decent step up from the 1,650mAh battery in the original. 

If you thought the original model felt a bit sluggish when running Android apps, the sequel should go a fair way toward fixing that, with twice the RAM (2GB) and a quad-core processor that’s clocked at a higher 1.6GHz. There’s also a newer (though not the newest) flavor of Android on board, in the form of Jellybean (4.3).

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